SMCE ::: Facilities
A medical assistance is available to cater the needs of the students within the campus. Buses are run by the college to pick up the students and staff from various points in the city of Chennai. In addition
to this separate Mini bus and vans are provided for the staff.
20 Buses are run by the college to pick up the students and staff from various points in the city of Chennai. In addition to this separate Mini bus and vans are provided for the staff.
The college offers a very comfortable living accommodation with separate hostels for boys and girls
within the campus under the care of resident wardens. There is one hostel for boys and one for girls with enough space to accommodate the out station students.
The college has separate hostel facilities for men and women with all amenities. Utmost care is taken to serve wholesome food. Adequate security arrangements have been provided for safety and security of the inmates.
The hostel provides hygienic and quality food to suit diverse tastes and preferences. A comfortable
mess hall has also been provided. The hostel rooms are provided with necessary amenities. The other
common facilities include availability of telephone and television.
All the members have to live together and enjoy the common life in a hostel. We provide a happy and healthy atmosphere by caring for each one and by fostering a spirit of friendliness and understanding. The members are expected to establish a cordial, good relationship with one another and to imbibe the spirit of togetherness, oneness and to make this SMCE hostel an experience of joyful residence, a home away from their home.
Admission in the Hostel
Admission to the hostel is based-on First come first serve basis. Students who seek admission to this
hostel, have to submit an application to the warden in a prescribed, form with a passport size photograph affixed and duly signed by the student and parent / guardians
Mission of the library is to support educational programmes of the Institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information, consistent with the present and the anticipated educational function of the Institution. In accordance with the objectives of the institute, the library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the faculty and students community of the Institution and thereby serves as a resource center for the students and the faculty of the Institution. The collection of the library includes Books, Journals, Reports, Back Volumes, Projects and Online Journals, which is regarded as the richest collection in the field of Education.
A Large Collection of Reading Materials such as
Back volumes
Magazines etc. are available Projects which is regarded as the richest collection in the field of Education.
The Library is kept open on all working days (8.30 AM to 4.00 PM)
Audio Visual Lab
The hall for AV section is structured in such a way to accommodate the students for visual aids presentation.
UDYOG Vibrant Placement Cell.
"Udyog" - Placement Cell is an integral part of our institution. The institute has provided complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the cell. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective student teachers for the campus selection programmes. The cell keeps on invites various schools and reputed institutions for campus recruitment. It modules the teacher trainees to young teachers. The cell is sensitized to function all through the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the student teachers.
Computer Lab
To be accurately informed is more important than to be well-informed, as far as young persons are concerned. Working in our computer labs will sharpen one's analytical skills as one discovers the structures underlying software, stretch one's creative talents as one designs new concepts and give the confidence to sell one's ideas to a waiting world.
Science Laboratories
The Science Department has been independently equipped with the best of facilities, durable and safe equipment, adequate working space and most importantly, the opportunity to carry on independent
Be it the microscopic analysis of unicellular organisms or the study of electro-magnetic spectrum or micro-organic analysis, each student is provided with equipments, not shared by anyone else. The unique feature of our laboratories is our uncompromising adherence to safety specifications. laboratory work is done strictly in the presence of the faculty and laboratory assistants. Each laboratory is so designed and equipped to enable fifty students to work concurrently.
There is a canteen for the benefit of students, staff and visitors. The canteen works from 6.30a.m. To 5.00p,m to provide food at subsidised rate. Apart from this, a fast food center, which is a part of the canteen.
A STD/PCO centre is also attached to the canteen and Hostel.
Bank of Baroda branch is located near the college.
Sports & Games
A sound mind prefers and is delighted to reside in a sound body and consequently, a healthy nation comprises healthy individuals.
Physical conditioning programmes and compulsory regular games are an integral part of the day-to-day academic life.
The Broad Objectives
To create awareness on education among the students.
To inculcate dedicated teaching and culture among the Science an Arts, Language graduates
and post graduates.
To conduct programmes in Internship and enabling teaching skills.
To identity and motivate budding teachers.
To facilitate teacher trainees in providing information and guidence to get placement in
educational institutions.
To conduct upgraded technology based training programmes for the teacher trainees.
Institutional Objectives
1. To place the maximum students in reputed institutions
2. To identify the institutional heads and know their requirements.
3. Educate students on various skills
4. Guidance to prepare for their placement.
5. Furnish details on applying for jobs, procedures .etc.
6. Maintain Statistics and contact details of alumni pursuing / pursued higher studies./ employment
7. To educate and guide students to pursue higher studies.
8. Conduct personality development programmes through professionals and our faculty
9. Conduct special programmes to develop communication skill
10. To arrange meeting with various education consultants.
11. Removing the isolation of training institutions by bringing them into the mainstream of the academic life of the universities and by building up closer relations with the schools and between the training institutions preparing teachers for different levels.
12. Improving the quality of training programmes and training
13. Expanding training facilities
14. Making adequate provision for the continuing professional education of all teachers
Future Plans
Alumni - Objectives
To bring the alumni together to keep them in contact with the institution.
To foster relationship between the alumni and the present students.
To get participation of alumni in the developmental activities of the college.
To provide financial help for deserving students depending on the availability of funds.
To develop constant interaction through alumni.
To improve placement opportunities for fellow alumni and fresh graduates.
Any other matter as decided by the general body.
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